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Ecological Organization EOL

Ivana Mažuranića 2/3
40000 Čakovec

Tel/fax: ++385 40 313 090


Legend of Eol

AEOLUS (Greek) - custodian and master of winds. According to the Greek mythology, he was a minor god, son of king Hippotes (according to some source son of Poseidon). He lived on the rocky island of Lipara near Sicily (Aeolian archipelagos). In the caves of the island winds were imprisoned and Aeolos, directed by the higher gods, let out these winds as soft breezes, gales, or whatever the higher gods wished.

On one occasion Odysseus has visited him and. Aeolus received him favorably and give him a bag containing fierce winds so Odysseus could arrive home on Itaka safely, escorted by the mild west wind Zephyr.

When Odysseus fell asleep on the ship, his crew out of curiosity opened the bag and with that released fierce storm which only Odysseus ship has survived. 








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