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Ecological Organization EOL

Ivana Mažuranića 2/3
40000 Čakovec

Tel/fax: ++385 40 313 090


Eco fair

Even since the year 1997 members of EOL invent and transform ideas into reality in order to present potential for sustainable development of Međimurje to local and central-european public through Fair activities.

Ecology and healthy nutrition Fair is a place where individuals, associations, companies, institutions can find positive news and examples of good practice which imply to possibilities of sustainable economic activities as alternatives to the conventional ones.

Already as a tradition, Fair gathers exhibitors, lecturers, performers and visitors from entire Croatia as well as neighboring countries and enables exchange of ideas, practical examples and setting of places and people in motion. It develops and "lives" in times of general motion of civilization towards healthy standards of life and times of general awakening of eco-consciousness on all levels.

To all exhibitors, visitors and guests the Fair opens its doors in November, when nature finishes its work. Welcome.

Ecologically, economically and socially sustainable development of Međimurje and Croatia

Through activities on the Fair and cooperation with media to raise awareness of public in Međimurje and Croatia considering problems connected to social atmosphere, image, sustainable economy, environmental protection, preservation of traditional heritage and health of this region, to create optimistic and encouraging atmosphere, to imply to possibilities of sustainable economic activities, and to present examples of good practice to the public.




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