Floating mill on Mura in Zabnik

In order to come from Štrigova to Sveti Martin na Muri, we must pass beside St. Martin Spa (the biggest aquagan in Croatia) the center of tourism in upper Međimurje.

Besides the Spa we pas through typical landscape for this place: hills with vineyards and wine houses, orchards, that will lead us after about 10 kilometers to Sveti Martin na Muri (large church built in Romanic-gothic style with the oldest inscription in Arabic numbers in this part of Croatia) and the mill.

We are living in a time of the last millers that used to dedicate their lives to mills and the river Mura, but their knowledge and skills as well as traditional trades connected to milling was nearly suppressed to oblivion.

Antique sources from 4th century B.C. testify about connection between people beside river Mura and milling. Expressions about milling in Hungarian language prove that Hungarian tribes have during inhabitation of these areas in 9th century interwoven the use of mills on water drive in their culture, and with that, the expressions of milling technology from already settled Slavs.

Through centuries, technique of making mills on water has gradually changed and just at the end of the 19th century medieval carpenter technique has upgraded utmost so at that time the mills take on the characteristics that were kept until the disappearance of mills. Milling was especially developed in the first half of the 20th century.

It has been recorded that on the river Mura from Lapšina to Podturen in the twenties of the 20th century about 90 mills have been active, in the sixties about 11 mills, and in the eighties destiny of the last mill which was situated near Sveti Martin na Muri, has been sealed.

There were only two reconstructions on the river Mura left, in Austria and Slovenia. At present time the third one has joined them, the mill in Žabnik near Sveti Martin na Muri, which is a faithful reconstruction that was initiated and built within the project LIFE TCY MURA of Ecological Organization EOL in the year 2006.
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