Benches, tables and info-board of the Miller path is set
Monday, 28 July 2008 18:19
On 28th July 2008 two tables and four benches were set in Čestijanec (Municipality Štrigova) near the entrance point of the river Mura in Croatia. Garnitures were made by carpenter Đuro Bogdan from Lapšina. Setting place was determined by Mr. Josip Mikec, president of Tourist board of municipality Štrigova, EOL's project partner.

Beside the two mentioned garnitures newly made info-board with the map of Miller path – crossborder tourist zone will be set, soon after the presentation on forthcoming manifestation „Porcijunkulovo“ within EOL's exhibiting space. Arrangement of the approaching path to the place where the benches and tables are set where tourist will be able to sit and rest in the tranquil ambiance of the river Mura away from the village, will be following soon.

On the same day in Žabnik nearby the floating river mill the remaining four sitting garnitures were set as well as the second info-board.      

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